Itchy Foot: The Beginning

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28th February

Dad and all 5 of the kids on the first trip Out West

(R-L) David, Me, Sarah, Megan, Jason in front of Mt. Rushmore

Some of my earliest memories are in a car traveling with my parents and siblings. Because most of our family lives in Pennsylvania, we would often go back to visit with everyone. Then, when I was about 2 years old, we (all seven of us) drove to Arizona to visit one of my uncles. So at 2 years old (on my dad’s back), I went down into the Grand Canyon. Seven years later, we had saved up enough money to travel back out west for two weeks, staying at a ranch (where I would ride my first horse), seeing Mount Rushmore, and making a lot of memories.

Traveling and taking care of myself … Read More »

Ready for Friday, Ready for an Interview!

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27th February

I met Brad Hammer yesterday. He is the director of career placement. About two weeks ago, I emailed Marathon Petroleum my résumé and applied for a summer ITS internship, and yesterday, Mr. Hammer called me saying that Marathon contacted him about how the company was interested in an interview with me.

I was so excited to get this call, and I went later in the day to talk to Mr. Hammer. He helped me a lot by telling me how to prepare for the interview.

I need to study the company and have some good life examples of how I overcame adversity, and I also need to have some questions ready to show interest in the company. He showed me the room I’ll be interviewed in and answered any questions that I had. It was … Read More »

Judgment Day

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27th February

As part of being an English equestrian major, students have to take a judging and selection class second semester of their freshman year. In the class, we learn not only how to effectively judge hunters and dressage, but we also learn about proper conformation for the chosen discipline.

Our judging class in front of one of the UF vans at the end of the day

As part of the class, to get some real-life showing experience rather than just watching videos, we took our judging cards, our blankets, and our clipboards and took a trip on Saturday to Eden Park Equestrian Complex for their A-rated horse show. We arrived in time to catch the end of the Maclay Medal class, which had some of the most gorgeous horses entered – all of which I wanted to jump on and take … Read More »

Dorm Room Disaster

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27th February

I woke up this morning, looked around my room and noticed it was a complete disaster.  There were clothes everywhere, my bed was all messed up, and my carpet had millions of fuzzies on it. I usually am so chronic neat freak, so this is out of character for me. I don’t even want to look in my closet because I’m sure my laundry basket is a volcano about to erupt. There is even a cobalt blue high heel (very “in” by the way) on top of one of my desks; how it got there, I’ll never know.  How did my room reach this intensity of turmoil?  My initial reaction was that while I was sleeping, a violent tornado swept through my room, but in actuality, my neglect was the only thing to blame.

Like I said, this is completely out of … Read More »

You are what you eat

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22nd February

As a football player at The University of Findlay, I always have to keep in mind that my body needs proper nutrition. Since I lift four days out of the week and go through challenging conditioning three days out of the week, my body can get really tired and sore. My first two years at UF, I ate a lot of burgers, fries and pizza. I drank pop and munched on many unhealthy snacks. Looking back at those days, I remember always being a little sluggish and low on energy when I had any physical to do with football. I would lose my breath easier, and it would take a long time to recover.

Since this year started, I took some advice from my mother and I completely took pop out of my diet and I stopped eating so … Read More »

Wandering Stress

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22nd February

Stress is defined as an organism’s total response to an environmental condition or stimulus. (thank you, again, Wikipedia) Stress is a part of a student’s daily life. Sometimes the balancing act of school, a social life, and extracurricular involvement is just too much. Opening night for the musical was Wednesday, and after working on this show for over three months, it seems surreal. The moment we have all been working towards and losing sleep over had finally arrived.

I would be lying if I said that being stage manager for Drood hasn’t added stress to my life. And I would also be lying if I said that it has done nothing but add stress to my life. I have grown so much as a person during the course of these past few months. But you cannot have growth without some growing … Read More »

The Man Behind the Movie

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19th February

If you have never seen the movie Hitch, you are seriously missing out on a great example of quality cinematic comedy. Will Smith’s character, the namesake of the movie, makes a living off of teaching socially awkward men how to be successful daters and hold non-painful conversations with women. Basically, he tries to teach them moves and then gets paid thousands of dollars for it.

Apparently, that is a real job. And David Coleman, better known as the Date Doctor, is the premier holder of said job. He has romantically-challenged clients paying him one thousand dollars an hour. He is the real-life Hitch, the Will Smith of reality. He is also a comedian in disguise – see him once, and you’ll understand what I mean.

With the hilarious and unmissable David Coleman, a.k.a. The Date Doctor

He also travels to college campuses … Read More »

Football Banquet

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18th February

Our team banquet was last week in the AMU. There were eight seniors on the team last year, and they all were recognized tonight for their hard work and dedication to The University of Findlay. To be a senior on any college football team is a great honor and something to be very proud of because of all the adversity and obstacles you have to overcome during your football career.

At the banquet, there was a meal catered to us and a highlight video of the season played. After we ate, the coaches gave out awards to certain players like defensive and offensive player of the year and academic players of the year. Once all the awards were given out, the coaches gave a speech for each one of the seniors. It looked pretty awesome … Read More »

Showing Off

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18th February

As an equine major, there is a very large chance that you will end up spending a handful of weekends running, working, or showing in any of the multiple horse shows that The University of Findlay puts on each semester. We participate in both the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association, showing hunt seat equitation, as well as the Intercollegiate Dressage Association. As I write this post, in fact, the last regular season dressage show is going on at the barn, as riders from universities around our region compete on our horses from Intro to First Level, working their way to Regionals – and hopefully, the chance to compete for a national title later in the semester.

Watching a class at the recent IHSA show!PC: Dani Hoagland.

The difference between regular horse showing and that of the intercollegiate organizations lies in the … Read More »

Living for the Weekends

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18th February

Being a student athlete at The University of Findlay makes the time fly by so fast.

Responsibilities like going to class everyday can be challenge when I have to weight lift and go to running/conditioning in the morning, but I find it fun. Personally, I like to be busy because I don’t even notice the days going by.  It’s already about to start week six of the semester, and I feel like I just got back from winter break.

Working hard on the weekdays allows for a much needed break called the weekend. My weekends are full of playing Madden, watching basketball and eating out at restaurants. It’s always nice not having to worry about class or football for two days so I can catch up on my sleep and relax. I like to use the weekend as motivation throughout the week because … Read More »

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