Utilizing the Academic Support Center

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28th March



Recently in one of my classes, a speaker from the University’s Academic Support Center talked about different services offered by them and the advantage students can get by using any of their services. (For students who don’t know about services offered by the ASC, I would like to mention that they provide tutoring services for undergraduate and graduate students in the majority of subjects, paper review, time management skills and skills for test preparation.)

Though I knew about ASC through some of my friends and also from my professors, but due to lack of motivation, I never found time to try any of their services. But that day, after listening to a 15-minutes presentation, I got motivated to schedule an appointment for reviewing my paper for class. Usually, students can schedule their appointments by phone or can walk in to the office, which is … Read More »

Itchy Foot: London

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28th March

Inside the main hall at the Natural History Museum

May 2012, I once again packed my backpack and carry-on suitcase for another month abroad.  This would be a study abroad opportunity through Findlay that would find me living in London, England, doing an independent research project.  Not only did this trip further instill a love of travel in my heart, but it also taught me how to adapt to the unexpected.

The very first night we arrived in London, I forgot my camera on the taxi.  As a person who sees life through a lens and finds pictures just about everywhere, for one week, I was without something that could compare to air to another person.  I eventually had to purchase a new camera, which helped me capture thousands of memories for the rest of the weeks I was there.

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7th Annual Symposium for Scholarship & Creativity

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25th March

I’m going to be in the Symposium this year on Wednesday, April 17. The Symposium is an annual event that gives undergraduate and graduate students a chance to share their research, creativity and professional learning experiences with the University and community.

For me, I’m in a class called software engineering. In this class, students work on a group project for the entire semester. Each group is assigned an actual real-life client to work with, and our client has requested educational software for 3rd and 4th graders.

The educational software will test and teach simple math (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), U.S states and capitals and shape recognition.  My group has three members, including me, and I was chosen to be the group leader, so it is my job to delegate tasks and organize the group’s progress. It has been a great learning … Read More »

Yet Another Good Service Provided by UF

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25th March

It’s pretty much almost April, which means my junior year is pretty much done. So, over the last week, I’ve been thinking about my plans for summer break. I know that I’ll be living in Findlay for football workouts, and I’m definitely going to take a summer class. The next thing I was thinking about was getting a job or something for some cash. I realize that since my senior year is coming up, it’s super important that I try to find an internship.

Last Friday, I set up a meeting with Phil Gunder, the director of internships and cooperative education. He was very helpful because he walked me through preparing a perfect résumé for employers. I was able to fix my résumé right then and there, which was awesome. He also had businesses that were looking … Read More »

Adventurous Act of the Week

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25th March

On Wednesday morning, I dragged myself out of bed at 6:30 because I was determined to make it to the 7 a.m. spin class held every week in the FRC. It was a part of my whole “try-something-new” phase that looked a whole lot like a bad idea when I walked outside and it looked like it was the middle of the night, the sky was so dark and the campus so barren. Plus, it was freezing, so that didn’t help lighten the mood any.

But I made it. Wednesday was my first-ever spin class. I knew it existed and that it was held a few times a week up at the FRC all year but never before had enough willpower to actually get out of bed early enough to go. I like my sleep.

As it turned out, however, I discovered … Read More »

Mix Your Heart Out

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20th March

So the really cool thing about having a lot of siblings is that we all have a lot of different interests that we can share and teach each other.  All of the kids in my family were required to learn piano for at least two years; some of us continued to foster a greater knowledge in other instruments while others wandered away.  I was some of both. Every once in a while, I’ll sit down at the piano and plunk away. Something I picked up from my oldest brother David, though, was an interest in DJing.

As I work my way through school, I work at my education as a DJ.  It’s harder than it seems.  Beat matching, making the music blend in a way that doesn’t kill the mood of the room; in a way, DJ’s have to be more … Read More »

Football Testing Week: Day 3 and 4

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19th March

On day three of testing, we did our max bench test, which is to see how much you can bench press for one rep. This test is the most exciting because everyone likes to cheer people on to lift more weight. I benched 375 pounds, which is the best I’ve ever done by far.

On day four of testing, we went out to Donnell stadium. It was time to test on the 40-yard dash, 20-yard shuttle and the L drill. All three of these event are for time. The coaches split the team into three groups based on our positions. First, we got into our stretch lines and got warmed up; then, we got two attempts at each drill. I ran a 4.4 40-yard dash, a 6.05-second 20-yard shuttle and a 6.8 one-second L drill. Those were all personal … Read More »

Adventure of Spring Break

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18th March



Recently,  we had our spring break, so I felt like sharing about my ideal spring break experience from last year, which I find to be very close to my heart.

“Spring break.” From the words alone, one can imagine going to a place that is warm and exciting for enjoyment purposes. But in my case, the scenario was different. Instead of choosing a beach-type place like Florida or California, my friend and I decided to travel north to explore the Canadian city of Toronto. As people of Indian origin, we are required to have a visa to travel to any country (a visa is like the official entry document which is needed to be shown at checkpoint).

The first step towards our trip was obtaining Tourist Visas from the Canadian Embassy in Detroit. Though the visa process … Read More »

Commentator Commentary

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18th March

So a while back, a couple of weeks or so into the semester, we had individual meetings at the barn with our trainers to discuss what we see ourselves going into after graduation. The point was to help them realize where we were interested in going so they could play their part in steering us as successfully as possible in that direction. During my meeting, when my trainers found out about my interest in broadcasting, they suggested I start announcing at shows as it would be good practice, and I agreed. How else am I going to end up color commentating the Olympics if I don’t start by announcing shows, right?

I had no idea, however, that I would be doing so at the IHSA 2013 Regional Horse Show just a handful of weeks later! I made my announcing … Read More »

Real Meaning of March Madness

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18th March

It’s not just a nationally-adored college basketball annual playoff tournament. March madness is really the feeling that you get as a college student when you’re halfway through the month, past spring break and nearly to Easter, and you realize that the year is nearly over and have absolutely no idea how you got this far already.

I feel like entering college is a milestone that is surrounded by so much excitement and is so long-awaited that you never expect it to really be over. The year you spent so many days dying to get to isn’t supposed to go by so quickly! The fact that I am almost a sophomore, and then only three years away from graduation and facing actual reality is something I am having a hard time wrapping my head around and is only growing as … Read More »

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