iNtErNaTiOnAl NiGhT

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29th April

On April 19th, the UF International community celebrated its 45th International Night. Since I am an international student, I feel proud in describing my experience during international night. International night is an annual festival when all the international students from different countries come together to represent their countries. Since this was my first international night, I was very excited to become part of it. My friends and I mainly attended evening parts of the events, but the official celebration started in the morning. The whole day is dedicated to celebrating diverse cultures and traditions.


As a part of the evening events, different countries set up booths to allow students to learn about their respective places through either food tasting or showcasing different artifacts made from their countries. Since I am a big foodie, I was excited to try a multitude of … Read More »

Sideways License

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26th April

It always marvels me how fast time passes sometimes. It seems like only yesterday that I was still waiting months to turn 21– and it’s more than just the alcohol. For me, turning 21 is the last great huzzah of youth. At 22, you’re expected to be getting your life in order, you’re out of college, you can (theoretically) support yourself, and if you’re lucky, you’ve landed a job using your degree.

For you out-of-towners who don’t know, Ohio is one of the states where drivers under the age of 21 have vertical licenses instead of horizontal (hence the title). This is more than just a post about drinking and alcohol (in fact this is the only mention); I find there’s no need and it’s overrated anyway. This is a post that I have made a tradition of every year since … Read More »

UF Football’s Improved Direction

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23rd April

During the weekend, after our 3 o’clock final practice before the spring game, Coach Keys, along with Phil Gunder, had  about eight UF alumni football players host a real-life conference with all the underclassmen on the team. Each guy introduced himself and gave basic background information like what position they played. Then, each stood up and gave their story about the college football experience at UF.


As I sat there and listened to each man talk, I could definitely sense that their love for football was just like that of what my teammates and I share. They all talked about overcoming adversity and the trials/tribulations of football. Not quitting football was highly emphasized by each guy because they had so many people quit on their teams. They were the few who actually stayed and would not just quit. I have that same … Read More »

Exploring Climatic Difference Around the Globe

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23rd April


Last weekend can be considered as an official onset of spring weather for Findlay. This is my first spring in our town and so far, my view on Findlay weather is very uncertain. Though I have lived in an area where there is a tremendous influence of lake side effects during winter season, so in comparison to many places, Findlay is much better in regards to weather.


I like spring for many reasons. One of the major reasons is I like to explore nature, and during this time period, everything looks very colorful, so I will be always enthusiastic about spending most of my time outside. Also, I am more into extracurricular activities, so during this time period, I tend to find myself enthusiastic about venturing into new activities.

Sometimes when I think about seasonal changes at my home country, then I … Read More »

Post Symposium

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23rd April

Last Wednesday was the Symposium for Scholarship and Creativity at UF. Most of the events were held in the AMU so I attended as many as I could. Everyone spoke about how UF helped to make them successful and several awards were given out.  The audience also got a pleasant surprise from the president of the university, Dr. Fell, who gave a warming  speech, too.

My group got to present from 2:15 to 2:35 in  Old Main, Room 305. The presentation went really well and many people showed up for it. I think that all of the education majors were forced to come see our presentation of our educational game. So on top of them, the computer science professors and a few Findlay alumni, there were 30+ people to see our presentation.

Me and Lisa dressed for the … Read More »

It’s Show Time!

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22nd April

By Jake Bowman, business manager, The University of Findlay equestrian program

Seems like the weather here in Ohio is finally warming up. . . and with warm weather comes spring shows!  So what do you do if your horse has spent a pretty lazy winter in the barn and needs to get into show shape?

First, consider the age of your horse.  Older horses that have seen several show seasons can pretty much start right up again.  An older, experienced horse won’t have problems hauling or getting used to the show atmosphere.  You may need to do a few weeks of riding to get him in physical shape, but, mentally, he’ll get right back into the groove.

Younger, inexperienced horses are more complex.  You may want to take a few “road trips” with a young horse to a friend’s arena, or a small … Read More »

Keep Calm And Turn WLFC On

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19th April

WLFC is an adventurous station.  We don’t stay within the studio all the time, relishing the climate controlled ease that the booth provides. Oh no, WLFC takes it outside from time to time, broadcasting various events around campus and beyond. On Saturday, the Habitat for Humanity Box City was one of these very events that we at the WLFC took on and spent our afternoon reporting from. Luckily, the normally outdoors event was brought inside into the Croy gymnasium, so our team got to work from the unbelievably classy, wood-panelled, carpeted Presedential Suite rather than freezing to death as we huddled around a folding table in near sub-zero temperatures.

What can we say? WLFC likes to keep it classy.

The remote broadcast ended up being one of my favorite events that I have done with WLFC since becoming a part of their … Read More »

5 Ways to a More Successful All-Nighter

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18th April

It’s the end of the semester, so it hardly comes as a surprise that everyone is stressed out.  The AMU is filled 24 hours a day; some people never move from one table.  I know I have spent many nights in front of a computer, surrounded by caffeine, trying to convince myself that I really didn’t need sleep to function the next day.  All-nighters are almost inevitable, but that doesn’t mean you have to force yourself to struggle through one.

Here are some tips to make your next all-nighter a success (perhaps pin this and read it in a moment of distraction):

On that note of distraction: let yourself have some.  We all need a break from our thoughts and sometimes banging your head against the table only goes so far.  But limit yourself, DON’T do 15 minutes of work and then an … Read More »

Oiler Football: Lending a Helping Hand

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15th April

Findlay, Ohio, is known for flooding. Even three years ago when I first came to UF, the Blanchard River ALWAYS rose above its banks when it rained. Last week, it poured down raining all of Wednesday and Thursday. On Wednesday, Coach had to cancel practice because of how bad it was thunder storming and raining. It was nice to have an extra day off, so “Thanks, Rain.”

By Wednesday night, the river was up at least eight feet, and the water was making it unsafe to drive on certain roads, especially in the downtown area. I remember going online to see the road closings and at least 15 roads were on the list. Thursday, I got a text from Coach saying that instead of lifting weights, we were going to go fill up sand bags for the community.

So, … Read More »

Itchy Foot: 5 Things I Learned Abroad

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13th April

Traveling is adapting to new situations.  And those adaptations often become instinct when you return home.  Here is a list of habits I developed because of my time abroad:

I am a better pedestrian:  In America, pedestrians have the right of way no matter how slow they may be.  Admit, you sat in your car and grumbled about the people in the crosswalk taking their grand old time getting across the street.  This is not the case in most of the rest of the world where cars have the right of way.  In London, I remember standing on a little pedestrian island in the middle of the road; I would always check out the group around me looking for Londoners (tourists were usually freaking out about the traffic whizzing by) and when there was a gap in the cars I would … Read More »

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