Ropes to the Other Side

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25th June

I recently described my internship as “not so much a push outside of my comfort zone but more of a drop kick off a cliff” and I don’t think I could have come up with a more accurate  statement.  (By the way the reply was, “The internship is doing what an internship should do!”)  I am equal parts scared, excited and overwhelmed every single day.  Being a naturally quiet person, everyday is a new lesson.  I’m learning how to be outgoing, how to introduce myself, and how to be present in a conversation.

The other day I learned about teamwork as I watched the cadets race cadre (instructors) in building a one-rope bridge to cross the river.  The team had to work together to tie the proper knots, support each other as they made their way across, all the way to the … Read More »

Camo colored heart

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24th June

I’ve now been in Kentucky about two weeks and I feel strangely at home as I drive onto the base every morning.  From the time I lace up my combat boots in the morning until I peel off the green socks at the end of the day I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything else.  The teamwork just within the interns is awesome, no one ever really is working alone and it’s a great collaborative effort.

I’ve been going out with Alpha Company to get footage for my stories and I’ve already gathered a few good stories.  Monday, I went up one of the rock walls at the high ropes course, and I plan on doing the  high ropes obstacle course before I leave.  The drill sergeants are awesome and so much fun to work with and always pushing everyone to … Read More »

Tips for the Show Ring. . . This Summer and After!

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21st June

 Thanks to Cindy Morehead, UF western riding instructor, for sharing her expert advice!

Maybe you’ve already been to a few shows this summer.  Hopefully, you were successful, or at least your show experience was positive!  Even the most experienced riders can always use a few “tips of the trade” for the show ring, so here are some that have worked for me and my students:

Don’t change things much during or right before a show.  Keep up the same routines and, remember, it is possible to over-practice.

If you find that your horse is a little fresh at a show, sometimes lunging is actually better than riding to blow off some energy.

Always remember to bring the essentials with you to a show. . . a lunge line, water bucket, hay bag, your “show stuff.”  Buying duplicates of some items and leaving them in … Read More »

First week of work!!!

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20th June


My first week of work ended on a good note. Since it was the first week, I was more conscious of my work ethic, because a first impression plays quite a big role in a work environment. So throughout the whole time, I was enthusiastic about whatever I was getting trained into.

For the first couple of days, I shadowed my colleagues who have been working as analysts at the office for a long time. My typical work day starts with a morning stand-up meeting where my supervisor and team members will be presenting their weekly progress report on their respective tasks; this meeting will be very short— like 5-10 minutes long. After the stand-up meeting, I will have either a weekly discussion with my team members concerning our tasks for the whole week or I will have meetings to attend … Read More »

Kentucky or Bust!

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18th June

Our cat wanted to go with me

So I’m finally in Kentucky!  I arrived last Sunday evening after 407.5 miles, one traffic jam, only getting lost once, and lots of random radio stations. I consider that a successful first long drive by myself. We had orientation on base last week, getting used to where we will be going (which might take me a couple weeks) and what we need to know about working on the base. Wednesday we had meetings with our supervisor and the interns in our “group” or, in my case, the videographers and photographers together.

We decided who would be working with each company and dug in a little deeper into what was expected of us and our projects. I was placed with Echo Company, they come in on July 5th so I still have a couple … Read More »

The Road to Pittsburgh!!!

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17th June

As the days are getting closer to start my internship, I am getting excited and nervous at the same time. Overall, I can say that I am all set with my preparation to go there and start my new journey. I had two options concerning how I am going to reach Pittsburgh: one is flight and other one is driving. I decided to go with the second option considering amount of luggage I will be carrying with me, and it’s cheaper to drive from here to Pittsburgh.

By driving it takes four hours to reach Pittsburgh, so considering the amount of traffic on the highway, I decided to start early so that I can reach there in the afternoon. Fortunately, that day I got lucky with the traffic and was able to reach my destination on time. My office is located … Read More »

Behind the Counter

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14th June

I’ve been a concession stand worker since I was a sophomore in high school.  Every summer I wait for people to be hungry and a lot of different people have been on the the other side of the counter.  A six year old learning about money, a (grumpy) old woman who wants her hot dog cut a certain way, parents, and grandparents, self-entitled 12 year olds and of course, a lot of regulars.  This job has not only taught me a lot about the worker I am, but also how to be a better customer.

1. Patience: I work alone sometimes and it’s not uncommon for me to be filling 5 orders while a 6th tries to add theirs.  I am always thankful for (and try to be) the customer who lets me catch my breath.

2. Be Specific: Please, PLEASE, PLEASE do … Read More »

Pittsburgh Time!!!!

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14th June

Summer break has just begun for me, because as a graduate student we tend to have classes for few more weeks in comparison to undergraduate students. This summer, I will be working as an intern for R & D in Pittsburgh. Being a student, this internship means a lot to me because it represents applying whatever strategies I have learned during my graduate course work from past one year. Since my internship is based in Pittsburgh, I will be spending my whole summer over there. I am very excited about this opportunity because it will help me by giving me real experience for the professional world. Also as an intern, I will have the opportunity to learn more about my interests by working among a group of experienced people.

I still have a few days left before I start my work, … Read More »

Landscaping Experience Put to Good Use

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13th June

As long as I can remember, I’ve been doing yard work, especially landscaping and mowing grass. I remember learning how to mow grass at a young age and always helping my dad out with the yard work. I must have done a good job because every once in a while, neighbors would stop by and ask if i could mow their grass for them. After my first couple jobs, I quickly loved the tax-free money. So, as the years went on, I continued to handle my yard work at home and started my own grass cutting business. I took care of several lawns and kept the jobs all through high school. I also had the opportunity to completely redo a neighbor’s landscaping. I went to his house, pulled out all his old shrubs and bushes, replanted new ones and laid … Read More »

Wake-Up Call

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12th June

Lately, I’m feeling the effects of being an Adult.

It seems like as the days go by this summer, I’m doing the same things every single day. Wake up at 6. Get to work at 7. Get off work at 3:45. Go Workout in the FRC til 6. Get home, make dinner, shower then watch TV until I fall asleep then do it all over again the next day. It’s become such a routine that I don’t even need to really set an alarm anymore to wake up in the mornings. As each day passes, the weekends are something that I look forward to the most. I clean up my apartment, go grocery shopping and catch up on some rest.

This week is exciting, though, because it’s payday week. I love getting paid. But the fact of the matter is most of … Read More »

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