Oiler Football Camp is near (and check out our new helmets!)

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31st July

Camp officially starts August 11th at 10:30 am. Wow — the summer literally flew by, because it feels like yesterday that the spring game was over. This year, camp is only eight days long, considering school starts on August 19th. Also there is only ONE two-a-day practice this year due to new regulations of the NCAA. This will  definitely be the shortest camp I’ve ever been a part of in twelve years of playing football. I can remember in high school when fall camp was three weeks long, full of two-a-days. So the pressure will be on immediately in the first practice to start preparing for our first game vs Urbana. I’m so excited for this year’s camp though, because I know that the team is excited coming off our last winning season. I’m also looking forward to our new uniforms … Read More »

Talent or Skill?

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30th July

Every once in a while I like to solve my Rubik’s Cube. It all started when I was in high school and got inspired to learn how to solve it. After the first time I solved it, I got sort of obsessed and started practicing and simplifying my own unique process on solving the cube. Once I get my mind on something, I usually don’t stop until I reach my goal. So please click the link below and check out my Rubik’s Cube solving skills. Thanks.

 Rubik’s Cube <–Click Link

Celebrating Fridays

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26th July

Friday should be called Fun Friday!!!! Out of all the days in week, I love Friday for many reasons.  One of the major reasons is I get two days of break and I can catch up on my sleep. Since sleeping is my hobby, I won’t mind if anyone gives me the task of sleeping for 12-15 hours every day…lol.

Aside from catching up on sleep, I always feel that I tend to work with lot of enthusiasm on Friday compared to all other days. Even at work, my supervisor told me once that she finds a drastic difference in my progress Friday as compared to Thursday. She feels that I tend to perform at my best and pay detailed attention to everything I put myself into. As a result, she will assign me new tasks or projects on Friday only.

 After … Read More »

Bucket Lists and Goals

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25th July

A part of myself winces at the term bucket list, it is probably the same part of me that doesn’t really know why I’m writing this post.  But I am, and I do think bucket lists are important, but only really if you actively pursue them or place yourself on track to pursue them.  They’re like goals, something every counselor tells you that you need to have, and yet many people have trouble actually deciding on a goal.

In the past, I never really set goals for myself, or at least never intentionally.  That’s changed over the years and there is something very rewarding about finally achieving one of the goals on my list, especially the obscure and unusual ones.

This past semester I achieved one of my goals and crossed something off my bucket list.  I also started to realize the … Read More »

12 work days and counting!

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25th July

         Time certainly flies when you work a full time job. My internship for the summer at Marathon Petroleum Company (MPC) is coming to an end. I’ve only got 12 work days left already. It feels like just yesterday that I started working there. The crazy thing is that I’m still super busy every single day. Currently my task is to schedule the entire company-wide Windows 7 migration. Might I add that there are over 13,000 PCs company-wide. So, in order to get this task completed, I talk to several IT coordinators during the day to help schedule some days that each department at a specific location can migrate. There are several MPC refinery locations throughout the midwest and Speedway is also owned by MPC. Each location has over 50 departments, so I really have … Read More »

Living and Working Together

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16th July

Networking is an invaluable tool, luckily I have been able to hone this skill at Findlay so I felt prepared to make connections on my internship. Both the cadre and other interns have continuously supported each other and have formed great bonds.

Living with the people you work with can be challenging, especially if members of the group don’t get along. I’m happy to say that, for the most part, the other interns have been great, both at work and at our “home” at the Econolodge. Working with the people you live with is a great way to challenge your professionalism and courtesy. When is an appropriate time to talk about non-work related activities? When do you take a break from work and enjoy each other’s company? Most of this is answered by the work environment.

You also learn … Read More »

Small Town to Big City – A New Perspective

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15th July


It’s been more than one month that I have been living in Pittsburgh. There is no doubt that Pittsburgh is a beautiful place for young adults, but still deep inside me I always feel that my small town – Findlay is the best place for me. I know it may sound awkward from a person who lived there for only a year as an international student to claim it to be best place for her, but I think it is true that Findlay will always remain close to my heart, as it gave me exposure to develop my individual personality. Also, whatever I have achieved so far in life to some extent can be contributed to lessons I have learned from my time living in Findlay.

Like every place, Pittsburgh has its pros and cons. Usually I like to hold on … Read More »

Breaking in My Boots

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10th July

Now that Echo Company has arrived for their time at LTC (Leaders Training Course) my life has definitely increased on the work end. Saturday and Sunday I readied myself like usual and then stepped out into the still-dark sky to drive myself to work … at 4:30 a.m. I have to note that I haven’t really minded getting up this early, my day lasts longer and the mornings are so peaceful so it’s a great way to start off what is going to be a long and challenging day. That being said, running on 4 hours of sleep and no caffeine is sometimes a struggle and I look forward to curling up in bed at night.

Saturday was the cadets first PT (physical training) test. They had to do one minute of push-ups, one minute of sit-ups and a … Read More »

Conquering Fears

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1st July

The young man next to me is sitting on the floor beside one of the many supports.  He looks around every once in awhile trying to gather his courage.  I started talking to him, asking where he was from, what he’s going to school for, etc. trying to distract him from the fact that we’re 50 ft in the air.  Eventually, after a lot of coaching from the officers and support from the other cadets, he made it down the wall and was back up a few minutes later with a smile on his face ready to conquer the open side.

I don’t have a fear of heights (that was knocked out when I did a ropes course in the rafters of an ice rink) but as I told the cadet who was getting his courage to conquer his fear of … Read More »

Days at Marathon

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1st July

Here’s a look at what I’m up to as an intern at Marathon Petroleum Corporation this summer. Officially my title at MPC is the Windows 7 Pilot Coordinator. So my overall job is to manage how the company plans to do a full operating system upgrade. The first stages of this company-wide migration to Windows 7 starts by conducting a pilot. This is nothing more than a selected group of people testing the project.  When a corporation as big as MPC wants to do projects that will affect the entire company, it’s important to follow project procedures that include a pilot so project efficiency and effectiveness is as high as possible.

One of the first steps for me to manage a pilot for MPC was to create a spreadsheet with all pilot participants’ information, and then make contact with all of … Read More »

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