It’s a Parade!

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31st October

Tuesday night I walked downtown and joined the hundreds of people gathering for Findlay’s Halloween Parade.  This was my first time I was able to see the parade, and I must say it was as large as people had been saying it was.  I couldn’t believe how many people were there, little kids with their buckets and costumes.  Tons of dogs were sporting various costumes as well, it made me miss my youngest dog Piper who also enjoys dressing up.  I had so much fun shooting at the parade, even though the lighting was challenging it was so cute to catch the difference between the dragons and fairies and the regular clothes of moms and dads.

A little girl waits for the parade to start (her brother, Iron Man was running around)

Scooby Doo and a winter jacket, yep Halloween in Ohio

This … Read More »

Musical Horses

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25th October

Cowgirl, my horse for class, went lame this weekend, so she is not allowed to be ridden or lunged. I went to my teacher and asked what horse I could ride and she had no clue that Cowgirl was lame, so I was sent back to the barn to the barn manager’s office to have them assign me a new horse. I was assigned Tari.

Tari was being used by one of the freshmen for their showmanship test that day, so she had a sleazy on. A sleazy is used for a lot of show horses to help keep and maintain a show coat, banded mane and keep them as perfect as possible. Other uses of the sleazy include; using them under traditional neck hoods and blankets to prevent rubs or to act as an under layer, a way of … Read More »

National Television Debut

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23rd October

For the first time in the four years since I’ve been an Oiler, we got to play on national television. Last Thursday night in Columbus Ohio, at 8:06 we played Ohio Dominican University. The game was aired live on the CBS sports network channel with a potential viewing crowd of 9.1 million people.

Playing on national television is nothing like playing a regular game. For instance, with all the people watching the game, the team and I definitely experienced a heightened sense of excitement and nervousness. Also, the game was a lot slower paced, meaning there more breaks throughout the game. For each score and change of possession there was a TV timeout. The TV timeouts could vary anywhere from 2 to 5 minutes.  So overall, with the numerous TV timeouts and timeouts taken by each team, the game was at … Read More »

Friday Night Fun

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22nd October

On Friday when working with the cattle we broke a record for our shift! We started at 6:00pm and were all cleaned up and on our way out by 7:15pm. Right from working with cattle I headed to Dr. Linda Peck’s annual bonfire for Pre-Vet club.

On a chilly night there’s nothing like standing around a fire, roasting marshmallows and talking with other students in your major. There was hot apple cider to warm your insides along with Dr. Kerns’ grilled hamburgers, fresh fruit and lots of snacks. Behind the barn, in the arena, was a volleyball net for some intense volleyball games to get on their way.

Thank you so much, Dr. Peck, for hosting all of us!! I had a great time mingling with everyone and hanging out with friends.

A group of friends and I went from Dr. Peck’s bonfire back to … Read More »

Fresh First Semester

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21st October

Click Picture for video!

You know when people say that college is challenging and hard to get used to? They are not lying! Coming in I thought that adjusting to a college sport and classes wouldn’t be so bad, because so many people do it. News flash, it is tough. Even though I am only taking 14 credit hours, it felt like 1000 in the beginning of the semester! Then on top of that, volleyball season started right away before classes even began. I was drowning in homework and the demands of my sport.

I realized that something else people don’t lie about is “there is a light at the end of the tunnel.” One week I sat down and put everything together. I wrote and planned out everything I did throughout a week like practice, lifting, class, tutor sessions, … Read More »

Why it’s ok to still love stuffed animals

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18th October

There comes a time in your adult life where having a ton of stuffed animals will get you the weird looks of, “How old are you again?”  I’m 21 and, yes, I still have most of my stuffed animals … And, yes, I’ve added to the collection since being at college.  Now, there are the animals that the significant other has given me.  The special teddy bear (or penguin, moose, two turtles and hedgehog) that the boyfriend gives the girlfriend so she always has something to cuddle with when they aren’t together.  Stuffed animals are seen as a crutch, a childish need to be comforted by an inanimate object.  There are undoubtedly adults in the world who refuse to become adults and so cling to that child-like view of stuffed animals.  I’d like to present a different opinion. 

1.     They provide great … Read More »

A Little About Me

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18th October

From the lush green wooded hills of New York to the flat plains of Findlay, Ohio, I, Madison Simmons, have embarked on one of the greatest adventures of my life. I am a freshman in The University of Findlay’s pre-veterinary studies program with a minor in equestrian studies. Life on campus and in my classes leaves me always on my toes with hardly any dull moments.

I am a very active individual who loves to workout, play sports, be outside and push myself to the limit. Around campus, if you can’t find me hanging with friends, studying and doing homework or in my dorm room, at the barn, playing with animals then you can most definitely find me at the Koehler Fitness and Recreation Center. As the oldest in my family, I’m sometimes stressed about being the … Read More »

Celebrating Away From Home

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17th October

India, world’s largest democracy, is rich in cultural heritage and is also known as the land of festivals. India celebrates festivals every month in one or different parts of the country. The country unites while celebrating the festivals irrespective of religion, region, caste and color. Amongst many, two of the most significant and popular festivals celebrated in India are Diwali and Holi.

*      DIWALI CELEBRATION = “Festival of Lights”

Diwali celebration

The famous Hindu festival Diwali, is celebrated for five days and represents the commencing of New Year according to Hindu religion. Every year Diwali is celebrated either in the month of October or November. The occurrence of the festival depends on the cycle of moon. Diwali is celebrated in honor of the victory of Lord Rama over the evil king Ravana. The day of beating Evil king Ravana and rescuing Mata … Read More »

My Home Away From Home

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9th October

Guess who gets a tour of our room? Yes that’s right, click on the image above, and in this video you will find a typical college dorm room at Findlay. I’ll show the complete layout of our room along with our decoration ideas. I chose to live in Lovett for my first year which is also connected to Deming and Henderson Dining Hall. Keep in mind, there are differences between all the housing options and the rooms within each. For example, our room has three closets with sliding doors, and right down the hall, the rooms have two closets with built-in shelving. My recommendation for housing starts with mapping out where most of your classes are going to be and going from there. Bare, Fox, Morey and Myers are located in the center of campus with average rooms. … Read More »

Steps to Becoming an Oiler

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3rd October

So I know you have been told time and time again about the steps you have to take to make it in to college. Well, it is about twice as hard when you are trying to become a college athlete!! At Findlay, the staff can help you tremendously throughout the process. Keep in mind though that most of the work has to be done on your own. From my experience, I can not even remember half the stuff I did!

Here are some tips to help you based on mistakes I have made:

1) Get your application sent in ASAP! There is a lot that has to be done for this first step. You can apply online or send in a physical application. Do not forget to gather letters of recommendation, official transcripts from high school AND for any post-secondary credits from … Read More »

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