Thanks, everyone!

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22nd November

I just wanted to write a short post thanking everyone for their outpouring support for The Depression Post.  It truly did take a lot of time and thought and a whole heap of raw courage.  I knew I had surrounded myself with supportive people, but for some reason the post still made me nervous.  I received many messages thanking me for telling my story.

My hope is that my story is a domino for someone else’s story, just as a blog entry was for me. (Hyperbole and a Half)  I will never know who my post influenced, and that was not the point.

The point was to be some sort of courage for the person who is where I was a couple years ago.  The point was to make those who don’t have depression aware of what it means to be “depressed” … Read More »

Thanksgiving Break = Study Time

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22nd November

Thanksgiving is around the corner. For most of us its time to relax, hangout with friends, and start shopping for Christmas with available deals on Black Friday. But the other side of Thanksgiving is it sets the stage for final exams for students. For most of us, it’s a crucial time to catch up on assignments and readings in order to prepare for finals. So I assume that apart from having a big feast on Thursday, most of our attention will be on preparing for finals over the weekend. I hope it has been a successful semester for everyone so far, but I understand that may not be the case for every student. So here are 3 tips for getting back on your feet:

1) Play hard Work hard!

You’ve got full days during this thanksgiving break to do what … Read More »

Welcome to the GLIAC!

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22nd November

Click HERE to see The GLIAC!

Findlay is a member of the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference or the GLIAC! The other schools in the conference include Ferris State University, Grand Valley State University, Lake Superior State University, Michigan Technological University, Northern Michigan University, Northwood University, Saginaw Valley State University, Wayne State University, Hillsdale College, Lake Erie College, Malone University, Ohio Dominican University, Tiffin University, and Walsh University. From the video above, it is easy to see our conference is very spread out! Some of our games are 13 hours away…On the bright side, long bus rides means that our team is more likely to take a charter bus, go out to eat, and stay over night at a hotel. This makes the ride a lot more exciting!

November 16th was our last match regular … Read More »

Wiener Wednesday

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22nd November

As the end of the semester rushes toward the students at The University of Findlay, many of the clubs and groups host various events that help break up the stress of exams.  Campus Program Board hosts Late Night Munchies the Monday of exam week.  And Counseling Services hosts a stress buster night — one year a group even brought dogs from Teddy’s Rescue as an event!  This year, one of these events was Wiener Wednesday which was hosted by the Pre-Vet club.

It was a great event, and had a huge turn-out (much bigger than they were expecting).  Pre-Vet club handed out t-shirts, provided hot dogs, study suggestions and coloring pages.  Even though I went alone, it was a great time to just sit back and relax.

I pulled out my notebook to work on some homework while I ate my hot … Read More »

Let’s Wrap it Up

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19th November

We practiced our bandaging skills the other day in Equine Handling class for the first time and after a few days of practice we have been able to make some nice bandages. There were three different types of bandages that we practiced; polo wrap, standing wrap and the army navy wrap.

Polo wraps are a very popular wrap used by horse owners, because they are inexpensive, machine washable and easy to use. The wraps are mainly used to protect and support a sore, bruised lower leg, but also protect against injury while riding.

Stable or standing wraps are used on the lower legs of horses for protection, holding a wound dressing on an injury, keeping an injury clean or when traveling.

The army navy bandage is used to cover up a wound and keep the area clean.

Right now, our job … Read More »

Stress Less – Keeping Academic Pressure in Perspective

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15th November

For part of my major (and most of the communication and art majors) there is a huge capstone project at the end of your college career in which everything you have learned in all your classes is put to use as you work with an actual client. Without going into much detail, it is a massive project. And usually you kiss your social life goodbye during the two semesters the class spans. But I think this is a mistake.

With so much stress on one aspect of your life it would be easy to crumple under the weight of it all. That’s why it’s important to still go out and have fun once in awhile. By no means does this mean you go out with your friends every night (even though by your senior year you’re all probably 21). What it … Read More »

Pro Football Hall of Fame and Game 10

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14th November

Last Friday, the team and I left Findlay headed to Canton, Ohio for our tenth game of the season against the Malone Pioneers. I noticed when we left at noon that it only takes 2.5 hours to get to Canton, and wondered why we were leaving so early. I looked at the schedule for the weekend and it said we were visiting the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Malone plays their home games in the well-known Fawcett Stadium which happens to be located literally within walking distance of the Hall of Fame.

 Picture of the team in front of the Pro Football Hall of Fame

It was a lot of fun to walk through this historic museum, because since the last time I was there, half of the building was undergoing a million-dollar renovation. With the renovations completed, … Read More »

What are your 70,000 thoughts?

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12th November

Every person has on average 70,000 thoughts a day. What do those thoughts consist of? Do Christians have different thoughts?

Aaron, a freshman cross country runner, challenged us with these kinds of questions the other night at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) meeting.

Before teaching us about the Word of God, we all joined in a different version of the name game. We had a great time laughing together and getting to know each other better.


Join us on Wednesdays at 7:30pm in the FRC to learn about God with other believers, hang out, have some good laughs and play a game!

How Oilers Train

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11th November

As an athlete, you can be sure that a lot of time will be spent in the weight room! Our strength and conditioning coach, Chad Wagner, designs specific plans for each sport to ensure maximum performance. He will even train with athletes who want personal attention. This man will not settle for anything less than your best effort. Sometimes lifts can be extremely hard, but I can ensure that it is always worth it, especially when I am at practice and hitting balls harder and jumping higher!

From what I have been told, we do our lifts in season about two days a week at moderate intensity. This is so we keep our strength up, but aren’t too sore for games and intense practices. After the season is over, we will have a week off from volleyball and then we will … Read More »

A Change in the Weather

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8th November

India has only three predominant seasons — they are the summer season, rainy season and winter season. The summer months last from about March to June, the rainy season stretches from June to October and the winter season remains in India from November to March. Various climatic factors are responsible for the seasonal changes in India. The monsoon season brings heavy clouds drenching most parts of India. In a country like India where the summer is very hot, it is natural for the people to wish for the arrival of rain.  In the summer season, most parts of India are scorched with sweltering heat, but the Indian winter is usually mild and enjoyable.

When I moved to Findlay, I was amazed to find its seasonal changes. One of the first things I noticed upon reaching here was how everything is flat … Read More »

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