Back from Japan and back on a farm!

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31st July

Now that I’m back from Japan, I stay busy working at Belle Vie Farm and doing some landscaping.  At the farm, there is never a dull moment when working from sun up to sun down. I’ll be working there until it’s time for me to head back to UF for fall semester. I absolutely love it!

Belle Vie Farm is a one of a kind farm in Honeoye Falls, New York, that is iron free — no bits or shoes. At the farm, we have 18 horses that are either in training or are used for lessons. Each horse has its own story and past that makes them a unique challenge and enjoyment to work with. I have seen unrideable horses progress to the point of trotting around the arena with a rider on their back as a … Read More »

Goodbyes and Good Food!

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14th July

Our last week in Japan went by super fast. The first half of the week consisted of saying our goodbyes to everyone at Rakuno Gakuen University as we would be leaving Hokkaido on Wednesday and head to Tokyo.

During the last weekend in Hokkaido we attended the Yosakoi Dance Festival where different Japanese groups compete against each other. Rakuno Gakuen University had a team that was performing so we went to cheer them on and watch some of the other talented groups perform as well.

After barbecuing, karaoke, the dance festival, attending classes, sight seeing, puppy training class and so much more it was time to say good-bye, or what we would rather think of as “see you soon,” to all our Japanese friends that had shared their homes and time and helped us experience their culture in a positive way. Our … Read More »

Tokyo, Tomoya and Tomoki!

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9th July

Our last three days in Japan were spent sight seeing and shopping around in Tokyo. Tokyo is a humongous city!! I hadn’t realized how big the city actually was until I looked at the train map. It was overwhelming, but impressive at the same time. When we arrived in Tokyo we met up with a UF professor, Dr. Kawamura, who had been working with us this past spring semester.

The days in Tokyo were filled with lots of walking, train rides, stairs and good food. My favorite part of going to Tokyo was being able to meet up with one of my friends from high school who was an exchange student — her hometown was in Tokyo. We ended up spending nearly two days with her. I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with her and seeing … Read More »

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