Bring on the Penguins

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30th October

Having lived my whole life in a tropical paradise, I can’t say I’m prepared for a winter in the midwest. I’m fairly certain that I will wind up frozen in a block of ice which won’t completely melt until May. I can’t yet say how it will affect my GPA.

“Bone” Appétit

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28th October

As Halloween is quickly approaching, decorations and costumes are being put together. However, skeletons have taken on a new role for me as every time I look at a skeleton, I just want to name all the bones! In anatomy and physiology we have to name and identify every bone in the body. Many afternoons and evenings are spent looking over skeletons and going through all the bones. From the tibia and the medial malleolus to the seven bones that make up the eye socket. Not only are we expected to know all the bones, we are also expected to know specific characteristics and structures on the bones. For example, the olecranon at the proximal end of the ulna articulates with the olecranon fossa of the distal humerus to make up the back of your elbow. (Easy for me to say, right?!)

My favorite … Read More »

College So Far

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27th October

I’m having a great time in college. I get excited every Tuesday, every time I look at my clock, and every time I see bugs. Obviously, I like to live on the edge.

Virtual Campus Tour

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23rd October

As a student worker in admissions, I give campus tours to prospective students all the time. I thought it would be a cool idea to take you all on a virtual tour from my perspective behind the camera. Enjoy!

The Juggling Act

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19th October

I can’t juggle. At all. There’s this thing called coordination that I severely lack. Luckily, the juggling act of life is mainly metaphorical and I’m slightly better at mental juggling. Slightly.

Last Sunday I was walking through a parking lot when I happened to look up. The sky was a beautiful blue and there were great feathery clouds trailing their way across the wide open welkin. I almost ran into a parked car because it’s hard to walk in a straight line when you’re craning your head back to look at clouds.

I tried to reproduce these lovely cloud feathers, but it’s rather hard to do in crayon. To make matters worse, the scanner I use tends to wash out subtle shading. So, instead of looking at this blog post for too long, go outside and take a look at the sky!

Time to Study or Time to Ride?

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14th October

Although I’m registered for 16 credit hours, and I’m supposed to be attending classes 25 hours each week, I somehow find myself deeply involved in my classwork and in extracurricular activities that have just become part of my schedule. I’m taking part in educational activities, whether it’s class or organizations every night, so “blow-off nights” are never really an option for me with the amount of work I have on my plate. Homework and extra care for my horses is a whole different story.

Why I Choose to Be Involved
I was very involved in many activities in high school, so I think it’s just natural for me to continue that trend in college. I remember I wasn’t even planning on trying out for the dressage team my freshman year until a senior – the then president – used some mad coaxing … Read More »

Mid-Terms Time Out

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12th October

Here they come one right after another! Anatomy and Physiology, Biochemistry, Anatomy and Physiology lab practical and did I forget to mention Genetics Lab too? There might even be some stragglers! This time every year as the leaves begin to change color and the scenery becomes awe-striking, college students are definitely awestruck by the amount of studying that needs to be done for fall mid-terms.

Even with all the studying that must go on, pre-vet and animal science students can find some time to get away from the books in our own ways.

My friends and I found a new pleasure in doing puzzles as a stress reliever, study break and time to relax with friends. My go to is running or working out. When life just seems to be getting too complicated and my mind needs a break, I go and … Read More »

Staring at Trees

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9th October

This is a 100% true story. I was staring at the tree just outside the Oiler Mart as I was on my way to the dining hall. And one guy did look at me funny. I still stare at that tree every time I pass it, and I’ve been enjoying the progression of colors. Trees are green year round in paradise, so this whole “autumn” business is a new experience for me. At some point, I may have to write a poem about it.

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