I Finally Found My Chill…Literally

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30th March

After a wild couple of weeks here in Argentina, it was time to get away and celebrate Semana Santa. I needed a break from reliving freshman year and decided to take time to bond with nature. And that’s exactly what happened.

Katelyn and I set our alarms to catch a flight at the deathly hour of 5:30 a.m. to go from Buenos Aires into Puerto Madryn. I know many people hear me say that I’ll be studying in Argentina and they automatically assume that it’s bursting sunshine and warm weather —wrong. It’s no longer like that anymore, because they’re on the other side of the equator, and our spring = their fall.

It was a chilly time traveling that early. The gringo in me didn’t realize how cold it would be and packed shorts, a large towel, and all the other necessities for a beachy weekend … Read More »

Too soon to say goodbye!

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29th March

On Thursday, Aimi, Hitomi and Junya boarded their plane to head back to Japan and their normal lives. We had a sad farewell on Wednesday night, but we will be reunited on May 18th when we travel to their university in Japan – Rakuno Gakuen University!

On Saturday, we had a gathering with our exchange students, our Japanese language and culture tutors and Findlay participants in the exchange program (past and present). First we went shopping for ingredients and then we made traditional Japanese food together.



They taught us how to make and properly eat Gyouza: pork, cabbage, chive and spice filled pot stickers; Okonomiyaki: a pork or shrimp based cabbage pancake with traditional sauce and Japanese mayonnaise on top; Misoshiru: a broth soup with tofu and chopped chives; and Yakisoba: a delicious noodle dish with cabbage and spices. Hitomi is a master … Read More »

My FINAL Spring Break

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22nd March

Many students fly to tropical locations to party their spring breaks away. There’s really nothing wrong with that, but I took an alternative spring break for my last full week off before graduation (39 DAYS!). I returned to the Dominican Republic, this time as a student leader (I took my first trip in December 2014, right before Christmas, my junior year). This trip and this country have changed me more than I ever could have expected – and I would recommend a trip like this to every college student before they graduate.

I traveled to the Dominican Republic as part of a group from UF, called OSA, or Oilers Serving Abroad. The group takes three trips each year – one in December, one over spring break, and one in May, just after graduation. The program aims to serve others in need … Read More »

The HI Life: Swimming

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22nd March

I enjoyed everything about being on the swim team except for the swimming. I like breathing too much. However, I do miss cheering for my teammates and being forced to exercise. Actually, I don’t miss being forced to exercise (because of the breathing thing).

After two years of not swimming, I recently found my way to UF’s lovely pool. Croy Gymnasium sure is a labyrinth. Had my friend not been guiding me, I never would have been able to navigate to the pool. Now that I know the way, I want to swim semi-regularly. I went twice this week and it was nice to get back in the water.

That first night I went to the pool, it was snowing when I came outside. I was quite sodden, but it was a warm(?) snow, with big fluffy flakes, and I stood in … Read More »

Oh, the places they grow…

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21st March

By far my most favorite class this semester is microbiology! It’s a lump sum of biology, biochemistry, genetics and probably a little more as it can feel like review most of the time. However, lab is definitely the best part. In lab we learn about microbial growth as each week contains a different test that we will execute by growing various kinds of bacteria on certain growth plates.

Our creativity was set loose as we were asked to swab either our skin, nose, mouth or any other surface that we wanted to see what kind of bacteria grew on it. We swabbed our various surfaces and then smeared the bacteria onto agar plates so that we could grow our sampled bacteria. Agar plates are used to grow all kinds of bacteria as they have neither selective or differential characteristics in the … Read More »

Freshman Throwback on a Different Continent

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21st March

Today marks two weeks that I have been here. Yet it feels like I have been here for months, because so much has happened. This week was the first week of classes and it’s been a huge throwback to my freshman year of college. Why? Well, let’s look at the list of things I’ve done here that I also did during my time as a freshman:

Walked and sat through classes that weren’t even mine.
Wandered senselessly through the school because I can’t find anything.
Apologized 100 times for bumping into someone or not knowing something.
Just stared at the professor when they asked me something I couldn’t understand.

On the other side of things, I’ve also realized that I’m not in #OilerNation anymore. Being aware of my surroundings and belongings is part of this world travel gig.

Will I adjust to everything? This Ohio white … Read More »

Tackling Teamwork

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18th March

On Tuesday night, the three Rakuno Gakuen University exchange students joined forces with three Findlay exchange students, myself included, to participate in the Japanese Athletic Day. We had to work as a team to throw colored paper balls upwards into a bucket, run a three-legged race, jump rope as a team and run a relay with a ball. We lost the very first game––throwing colored paper into a bucket, but we won the second time! We realized that tightly-wadded balls of paper were easier to get into the bucket. Maria (another Findlay student participating in the exchange program) and I were paired for the three-legged race. You never realize how oddly you walk until you try to walk in unison with someone else. Let’s just say I’m not the straightest walker and leave it at that! Although it was Megan’s (the third exchange … Read More »

Sap Happy

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16th March

We just finished Spring Break and it couldn’t have come at a better time! Classes have been in full swing and studying around the clock can add up to exhaustion and burn out rather quickly. I know I and many others appreciated this past week as we were able to put the books down for a little bit and switch up the pace. Many people go to Florida or someplace warm to get away to, but I found the comfort of my own hometown a great get away.

A hike in the mountains, all you can eat pancakes at the historic Maple Tree Inn, spending time with family, adventures, and even some fun in the barn all made the week fly by way too fast.

Every year my family tries to take a trip to Cartwright’s Maple Tree Inn which is … Read More »

A Brush With Death

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14th March

This comic is 100% true, though I’d like to point out that I only panicked for half a second. In my defense, it’s hard to get hypothermia in Hawaii. How should I know its symptoms?

They’re Here!

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11th March

We all hate how short break is, but I was filled with anticipation and excitement about coming back to school this spring. Last Sunday kicked off my participation in the Rakuno Gakuen University Veterinary School Student Exchange Program! In May, there are six Findlay students, myself included, going to Rakuno Gakuen University in Hokkaido, Japan. In exchange, three veterinary students from Rakuno Gakuen University have come to visit Findlay. Hitomi (a senior), Junya (a junior), and Aimi (a sophomore) touched American soil last Friday. They will be staying here for three weeks attending animal science classes and learning how we view and treat animals here in the United States.

When we met for the first time, we quickly hit it off. Although we live oceans apart and come from completely different worlds – we have the similar interests and goals in life. During these next three weeks, I’ll … Read More »

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