Just Draw!

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29th April

I have discovered a funny artist paradox. I don’t like to have my technique and subject matter decided for me, which happens a lot in, oh, art classes. Yet when I have the freedom to do what I want, I am often at a loss. In printmaking (an art class that thankfully leaves subject matter up to each individual artist), I spent as much time deciding on my image as I did actually making it into an intaglio print.

My drawing default is fairies or mermaids. I love fairies and mermaids. I owe this magical fascination to the illustrations by David Christiana in the Book Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg, which I believe I read in fourth grade. This means that this drawing in the result of ten years of practice.

The Time Has Come

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28th April

Saying this semester and year was rough is probably an understatement. Junior year is definitely the hardest year as a Pre-Veterinary student at the University of Findlay. Ask anyone on campus, myself included, I’m sure they will say summer can’t come fast enough so they can catch up on sleep, not have to go to classes or study. However, this summer may not be as relaxing as past summers have been. As May 13th and September 15th approach, junior pre-veterinary students start applying to veterinary schools and taking the GRE exam.

After all these years of attending school and wanting to become a veterinarian, there is only one thing that stands between us and our dreams — getting accepted. There are currently a total of thirty veterinary schools in the United States. I have narrowed my list of schools to apply to down to five, … Read More »

Applause for the Gringo

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27th April

I’ll start this post of with saying that this past weekend I saw one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen (other than the reflection in the mirror). I flew north to see the wonder of Iguazu Falls! These falls are like the South American version of Niagara Falls. My friend and I spent the weekend touring around the various points of the falls and getting to go in them. Similar to Niagara Falls, there are two sides in two different countries. A person can spend some time exploring the Argentine side or venture over to the Brazilian side for a different view. It was just the sunny and wet weekend that a person needs before preparing for what’s next.

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

No, it’s not all waterfalls and penguins here.

Lately, I guess you could say that I’ve … Read More »

A Semester of Planning for Two Hours of Entertainment

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20th April

For as long as I have been a student, and I’m sure long before, the UF English equestrian program has put on a dressage showcase to demonstrate the talents of the program’s students and to show how much the students have learned throughout the school year. In the past, the hunter/jumper students have taken part in a similar event, jumping to music and riding courses they have designed. However, this has not taken place since I was a freshman.

Traditionally, the dressage seniors (collectively) plan the dressage showcase throughout the final semester, hosting a single evening of performances during the month of April. As the solo dressage senior, I partook in an event planning internship with Jill Paxton (equestrian program director) throughout the entire semester. Although the event only took around two hours, I spent many hours preparing and practicing for … Read More »

Making Scents of College

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20th April

I am lucky that not all of my days smell so powerfully. I have a sensitive nose. Despite the horrid nature of that adhering liquid we used in printmaking class, I am excited to make my screen prints. I based my design off of heraldry, and I think it looks pretty cool.

The Bath & Body Works story is all true. We walked in there, and wham! The “Aloha Hawaii” theme was there to greet us. Some of the things actually smelled quite nice, but their names made me laugh and groan at the same time. I wondered if they just had a bag full of “Hawaii” sounding words from which they pulled random ones to make up some of those names. Why would anyone want to actually smell like a white sandy beach or whatnot? I don’t go around smelling … Read More »

International Night!

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19th April

Rob (another Findlay participant in the exchange program), Mana, & Me.

This past Friday was UF’s International Night. It’s the best campus event – you get to learn about other cultures directly from international Findlay students and professors. You get to taste their foods, view pictures from their homelands, see their traditional clothes, watch them perform dances, play instruments and sing songs. Our friends and tutors were manning the Japan table. They had Udon (a type of Japanese noodle) in Mentsuyu (the soup broth base poured over the Udon) for everyone to taste. They also had Ocha (green tea), Mochi (a gummy-like rice cake filled with various things such as sweet bean paste) and Makizushi (rolled sushi). This was my first time to taste sushi! I must admit that I was very nervous to try it since we have been told … Read More »

My Gosh… I Think I’ve Finally Got It!

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12th April

I am happy to announce that one week has passed and I have NOT been lost (hold applause please). You know the proud feeling a parent gets when their child learns to ride a bike on their own, that is the same kind of feeling I have. I think it’s safe to say I am starting to figure things out in this city.

The city of Buenos Aires, Argentina

I always find myself saying “me parece increíble” (meaning “it’s incredible to me”) when I think about all that has happened in the span of one month- I flew south to play with penguins, President Obama visited and learned the tango, and I’ve managed to stop sitting through classes that aren’t mine.

To make things even better, I have started to make Porteño friends in my classes. Since my schedule consists of classes with local … Read More »

Klutz Meets Karee

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11th April

Hikaru, one of my tutors making Karee.

This past Friday we had another Japanese get-together party. It wasn’t exactly a party, but every time we are together we make it a party! We cooked Japanese food, worked on learning and practicing Japanese, and practiced eating with chopsticks and using proper table manners. I think I can officially say that I feel comfortable using chopsticks in public. Practice has finally paid off and transformed this klutz into a competent chopsticks wielder! We made Karee, which is Japanese curry. The Karee consisted of chunks of beef (which I cooked using chopsticks as my only tool), mushrooms, carrots, onions and potatoes all coated in a sweet sauce, which reminded me of honey. We also made Tonkatsu, which is pork breaded in flour and panko (a crispy Japanese style bread crumb). The fried … Read More »

Preparing & Pranking

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5th April

Me & Mana, one of my tutors.

Preparations for my Japan trip are never ceasing – meeting weekly with awesome language and culture tutors, eating simply-to-go meals with chopsticks, running daily through Japanese flashcards, watching Japanese films and making presents for my future Japanese host family and friends. There are many things to do in preparation and we are all buckling down to business as we head into the homestretch. Aside from merely learning some of the language and culture, we must also consider what we should pack for the trip to Japan. As a girl who is notorious for over-packing, planning what I should take is no easy task. Our exchange students, Aimi Hitomi, and Junya, told us that Hokkaido, where Rakuno Gakuen University is located, is an extremely windy place – much like Findlay. Although Junya said that that the wind is more … Read More »

Staring at Trees (Again)

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5th April

There’s a song from the musical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers called “Spring, Spring, Spring,” which is understandably stuck in my head. I’ve never lived through a stereotypical spring. The whole dead-plants-gloriously-revive-themselves thing is new to me. I’m enjoying it greatly. I have gone out of my way to stare at trees and the lively, lovely, little leaves and flowers they’re pushing forth. It’s fun to watch the world wake up. Furthermore, I was never sure what a daffodil was (or how to spell it–for some reason I always thought it was “dafodoil”) until they sprung up all around campus. I think they’re very pretty flowers, maybe because my favorite color is yellow.

All in all, I’m just as excited about spring as I was about fall and winter–which is good, because winter seems to have decided to make a surprise … Read More »

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