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UF International Night 2019

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15th April

At the end of March, campus celebrated 50 years of a Findlay tradition — International night!

This was my second year of celebrating this event, and I am so proud to write a blog about one of the most amazing nights each year at Findlay. According to UF’s Buford Center for Diversity and Service, the first International Night was celebrated in 1969. A page from the yearbook from that year reads: “Foreign foods, customs, entertainment, and even an Indian wedding were highlights of International Night. This event was a first in the history of Findlay College. Dr. Parimal Das, a scholar-in-residence from India, coordinated the event. A dinner of many different foreign foods began the festivities, following these many booths were located throughout the Union representing different countries of the world.”

I also had the opportunity to join the event coordinator, Jennifer … Read More »

Work Hard, Play Hard

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4th December

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here! It feels amazing to be back and I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to write for all of you once again.

So, this is my year two here in UF and also in the states. I wrote many posts last year, but something that I didn’t cover that’s a big part of my life here is campus jobs!

I started working back home in Bangladesh when I was 15, and I think it has helped me immensely to grow as a human being. I began working on campus right after I started at Findlay, and I am still working both of the jobs that I started. I think a lot of students have seen me working in our dining hall (mostly in the pizza station), and obviously, I take immense pride in writing … Read More »

To a New Beginning!

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26th April

So, it’s almost the end of this semester! Almost the end of me being a freshman! They say time flies. It does.

There are so many things that happened during this semester! So many ups and downs. I can’t lie, at times all I wanted was this semester to be over. There were personal obstacles and moral dilemmas, and both affected my college life directly. My first semester felt so much smoother and easier.

Today, I want to tell you that I know how it feels to be less than satisfied and to see yourself not doing your best. Today, I am here to say that college life can be much harder than you might think. All college students have a certain amount of pressure that they deal with. We’d love our life to be easy. But it’s not the easy days … Read More »

My Kind of Spring Break

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27th March

If you are a follower of UFindlay Instagram or my Instagram profile, you may have seen that I had the great opportunity to be part of an alternative spring  break program called, “Engaged Citizenship: A Cultural & Social Justice Exploration.” As a freshman here at the University of Findlay, it was my first spring break here in the U.S. For days I was wondering what I should do! Should I just stay on campus? Go with my friends to visit somewhere? I was confused. But then Dr. Robert Braylock, who is the director of UF’s Buford Center for Diversity and Service, shared the opportunity with me. After reading the description of the program, I knew it was the right and perfect thing for me to do. Thank God, I thought so!

We had five people in our group: an American of … Read More »

International Mother Language Day

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26th February

আমার ভাইয়ের রক্তে রাঙানো একুশে ফেব্রুয়ারি
আমি কি ভুলিতে পারি
ছেলেহারা শত মায়ের অশ্রু গড়ায়ে ফেব্রুয়ারি
আমি কি ভুলিতে পারি
আমার সোনার দেশের রক্তে রাঙানো ফেব্রুয়ারি
আমি কি ভুলিতে পারি।।

Shaheed Minar (Martyr Monument), at the University of Dhaka in Bangladesh, commemorates those who were killed in the 21 February 1952 Bengali Language Movement demonstration. Credit: Wikipedia

Above is the Bengali song that was written in 1952, when some college students from East Pakistan (present-day Bangladesh) heard that their beloved mother language, Bengali, which is spoken by the majority of that region, would not be the state language. Instead, some foreign language would take its place. They felt the urge to stand up against it, even though there were military rules against protests. They filled the streets surrounding their university with colorful placards and banners, asking the government to change its stance, and the military … Read More »

We always start as strangers!

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30th January

We often say, “Don’t talk to strangers.” We grow up fearing strangers. We fear even more when that person is from a different country or a different race, unless we cross borders and see how big the world can be, and how we can connect with each other despite being so different! Being able to study at the University of Findlay with the help of its generous scholarship I am getting that chance. It is enabling me every day to see the beauty of diversity. It is allowing me to stay in a different continent, a different corner of the earth with completely different weather.

I got to do so many amazing things during my first semester here in OilerNation. Now I know how it feels to touch snow, to make a snow angel or to just throw snow balls at your … Read More »

Almost Like Home for the Holidays

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20th December

A few weeks ago, I was walking on campus with a friend of mine from the pre-vet program, and we were talking about Thanksgiving and Christmas. Suddenly Khalil (my friend) asked me, “Hey! Do you want to come to my home for Thanksgiving break?” His mother had invited me and some other friends to their home once before, so this time I knew I had to go. I went to their place for Thanksgiving in Columbus, and how those five days went is hard to explain in words!

It felt for a moment that I could be at my own home! Khalil’s mom, Aunt Maleha made so many delicious foods for us every day. For every single dish she made a vegetarian version just so that I could eat. On an off note, did I tell you that I’m a vegetarian? … Read More »

Curtains Up!

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9th November

During my very first week here at the University of Findlay, freshmen had the opportunity to attend a session where representatives from more than 100 clubs and student organizations and representatives from the different majors were present. At this session, I had the chance to meet theatre faculty members, Meriah Sage and Carl Walling. At first glance, they both gave me this feeling of acceptance that I couldn’t ignore. So I went to them and started talking about my passion for acting, how from a very early age I loved storytelling and tried this in different forms, from acting in advertisements and music videos to documentaries and television series. They were so patient in hearing my stories. They shared that at UF you can work in different parts of theatre. Do you like working backstage on lighting, sets, costumes or … Read More »

Brave New World: Facing the Unfamiliar for Friendships’ Sake

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2nd November

Have you ever felt an emptiness in your heart that you’re not sure how to fill? I’ve felt it many times after coming here to Findlay. I’ve had moments when I’ve felt I am all alone. In those moments, my thoughts go to my friends back home who loved me every day of my life. They made me feel protected and so special. In coming to Findlay, I worried that I wouldn’t have friends because I am different from so many other UF students. But I can proudly say that I do have friends now. If I can do it, then you can do it too, trust me! I believe if you want something, then the universe also tries to get that thing to you. It’s walking on that path every day.

Here are some things that have helped me to … Read More »


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9th October

When you go to a new place, whether it’s a new city/new school/new country, everyone needs to make some adjustments with the new things they’re naturally faced with. There may be things that bother you, but still, you try to adjust to them.

Beginning college is an adjustment for everyone, but being in a different culture and country presents some different challenges. So I thought about it. What are the top things that are new for me — both the exciting ones and not so exciting ones? Here it goes:

1.     Greetings. “Hi, how are you? I am great. Thanks. How are you?” … and maybe you are going to get the answer or maybe not. This whole greeting thing is something that I was never used to. Back home, (Bangladesh. If you have not read my first blog, then please do!) whenever we … Read More »

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