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Freshman Year Lessons: An End of the Year Reflection

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26th April

Looking back on my freshman year at Findlay, I have learned so much. It would be almost impossible to write about how many lessons I have learned my first year on campus! As the end of the school year approaches, and the stress of exams is weighing on me heavily, I thought it would be a great opportunity to reflect on all that I have learned and experienced this year.

Choices: It is no surprise that college freshman are not noted for making the best choices. This is no wonder, however. Most freshmen are almost fully dependent on their parents for the first 18 years, and then immediately become autonomous the minute we step foot on campus. This is awesome! College gives you the opportunity to become your own unique individual. With individualism, though, comes choices. Making the right choice in every … Read More »

Mazza Museum – Get the Picture!

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5th April

It’s hard to believe, but not everyone who goes to UF has been to one of my favorite spots on campus: the Mazza Museum. It definitely ranks as a hot spot on the admissions tour. I mean, it is a pretty impressive place for future Oilers to see. But, no matter what your major, current Oilers can find a reason to enjoy our campus gem.

So, in case you don’t know, the Mazza Museum is the world’s first, largest and most diverse collection of art from picture books. When you were a little kid having books read to you by your parents, grandparents or teachers, you may not have realized that the illustrations in the book had to be created by an artist. The Mazza Museum has a collection of over 12,000 original pieces of art from those very books, including Arthur, … Read More »


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13th March

Let’s be honest– one of the most important things for a college student to know is where to eat. Eating is one of my favorite things to do. When you’re studying all day long, it’s so nice to grab a bite of great food with some great friends. As a freshman, it has taken me a little bit to figure out my favorite spots to hit when I am looking for something to eat, but luckily for Findlay students, we have lots of great choices right here on campus!

The Refinery- My personal favorite place to eat on campus is at the The Refinery in the Center for Student Life. For those of you who do not know, this building is brand new this year. With the addition of a new building for the College of Business, we now also have … Read More »

Five Ways to Start Fresh in 2018

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29th January

I cannot believe that I have already made it through my first semester here at Findlay and am diving right into my second! Although this semester has just begun, it has already proven that it will be very exciting. So far, I think that I am really going to enjoy all of my classes this semester. It is so refreshing to be able to receive a whole new schedule at the start of the semester. This is something that I love about college compared to high school. With a new schedule, however, comes establishing a whole new routine. This can be exciting for some, but terrifying for others. Luckily, I have a few tips and tricks that either type of person can find useful to start spring semester with a bang!

Start off the semester organized – There can’t be anything worse … Read More »

Dear Incoming Freshman: A Reflection Letter

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14th December

Since the beginning of this semester, a lot of things have changed. I would be lying if I said that one of those things wasn’t my motivation but hey, that’s natural! As a young adult, I have developed immensely in this short amount of time. Being away from my parents, in a new setting, and having to manage time by myself has taught me a lot about myself thus far. I sometimes wish I could write a note to my past self to read before I started my freshman year. Self-reflection is a wonderful thing. So as the end of the semester approaches, I wanted to take some time to write a letter to future freshman on all the ins-and-outs of starting your first semester at the University of Findlay!

Dear incoming freshman,

You’ve made it! You’re finally on your own. Now … Read More »

Why Findlay is my perfect fit, and may be yours!

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1st December

For me, choosing which college to attend was an easy decision. I have known since the seventh grade that I wanted to go to the University of Findlay. Findlay is my home, in more ways than one. Yes, I was born and raised a “Findlayite.” My family has lived in this town for generations upon generations; I don’t know anything else. This is not the only reason, however, that I feel Findlay is my home. When I am on campus, I get a sense of home and I can pursue my career in an excellent program. I am confident that this is where I belong,  and where I am supposed to be. It just feels right and I am fortunate for that. For others, choosing a school is not as easy as it was for me. Perhaps you are reading … Read More »

Five Healthy Habits for a Happy Freshman Year

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31st October

One of my passions is living a health-conscious lifestyle. I believe that maintaining good physical and mental health overall makes you a happier person. I strive to make this one of my top priorities. Living in a dorm, it is not simple to maintain routines, especially as a freshman. Many things change quickly in your life. It is hard to balance your school work, social life and health. Sometimes, it seems like living healthy is the first thing to be abandoned once moving on campus. As I try to reestablish my routines, I wanted to share some easy tips that make feeling healthy during freshman year a breeze!

Get plenty of sleep – We’ve all heard that getting eight hours of sleep is essential for our minds and bodies, but not everyone knows the serous effects of sleep deprivation. In my general … Read More »

What’s So Great About Greek Life?

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27th September

Before I moved in, you could ask just about anyone I knew, “Do you think Tatum will join Greek life?” and their immediate answer would be, “No way!” I could not see myself being part of a sorority; it was not my crowd. That quickly changed, however, a few days after I moved in.

My mom and dad were both part of Greek life during college and my brother is currently in a fraternity. I have heard countless stories from them about how they have made lasting friendships and memories through it. I started to see many signs around campus about joining Greek life, and began to consider the idea. Finally, I decided to go through recruitment.

Recruitment was a week filled with learning about both sororities we have on campus (Sigma Kappa and Phi Sigma Sigma) and meeting the girls that are … Read More »

Nooks and Books: Places to Study on Campus

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13th September

If I asked you, “What would you rather be doing than studying right now?,” most of us could probably think of 1,001 ways to answer that question. Perhaps you are even putting it off at this moment to read this post! Let’s be honest with ourselves and admit that studying is hard. But not all aspects of it have to be difficult. To make things easier, find a favorite location on campus to learn!

Atmosphere is very important while studying. Visiting a space where you feel comfortable, and that has few distractions, will help you get the most out of your study time. Previously, my favorite place to study was located in my home. I spent many hours studying (and yes, cramming the night before a test) in that room! Now that I have moved to campus, I’ve really made it … Read More »

Why Are You Here?

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30th August

On my very first day of class here at the University of Findlay, I was asked a question in my Orientation to Psychology class that really struck me. After the class got settled, went over the syllabus, and attempted to learn each other’s names, Dr. Mata informed us that we were receiving our first assignment; a wash of disappointment came across each and every face in the classroom. What I didn’t know was this assignment may end up shaping how I look at being a student for the rest of my academic career. Dr. Mata asked us to answer a question in one paragraph on a piece of paper: “Why are you here?”

What was my immediate reaction you may wonder? To get my Doctor of Occupational Therapy degree. I’ve known that I’ve wanted to become an occupational therapist since I … Read More »

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Freshman Year Lessons: An End of the Year Reflection

Looking back on my freshman year at Findlay, I have learned so much. It would be almost impossible to write about...

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