Columbus-Bound for Orange & Brown Scrimmage!

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shannonebertStaying in a hotel overlooking the city and walking on the Buckeyes’ home field were just a few highlights of this trip. After a lively day of training camp in Berea, we packed everything we needed to host training camp, and hauled it straight to Columbus for the Orange and Brown Scrimmage. As you might imagine, this entailed some serious coordination! Fortunately, the Cleveland Browns has a top notch special events staff ready and willing to make this happen efficiently, and I was lucky to be part of the whole thing.

Here’s everything we needed to put in place for all those eager Browns fans ready to watch their favorite team in action. Would you be surprised if this was only one of about thirty pages we needed to study for the Orange and Brown Scrimmage?

Our Basic Outline for Cleveland Browns Event Coordination:

  1. Event Details: overview, location, date and time
  2. Master Schedule: specific time schedule from beginning to end of event
  3. Dawg Pound Drive Layout: see image above
  4. Activation Needs: list of all vendors, what they are bringing to the event and what they need from us
  5. Load in & Load out Schedule: specific schedule of who is bringing what and at what time with their contact information
  6. Activities: all activities that will be going on and the responsibilities for each person running that activity
  7. Stage Programming: specific schedule of stage performers and wifi access information
  8. Partnership Activation: list of all Browns Partners at the event, what they will be doing, and free items they will be giving away
  9. Mascot Script: all information for our mascots such as break times, duties, and credential information
  10. Free Play Logistics: required wavier info for participation in free play (see mini football field on map)
  11. Training Camp Staff Duties: list of what everyone will be responsible for during this event
  12. Stadium: staff responsibilities, seating charts
  13. Radio Requirements: list of  radio channels for each department for efficient communication
  14. Credentials: official credentials visual examples that staff and VIP will be wearing
  15. Parking: map of where vendors, fans, and staff should park
  16. Contact Information: list of every contact and their information we could possibly need

Check out the video!0

If you are interested in Sport and Event Management, this is right up your alley! You cannot get a better professional experience than working in Special Events with an NFL team with one of the largest fan bases in the world! Click here for more information about Findlay’s Browns Edge program:

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