Crazy Eights

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I have not been spending all my time inventing aquatic baggage and playing with skeletons.

Another class I’m taking this semester, Conceptual Illustration, focuses on… well, illustrating concepts. These course titles don’t fool around. For over a month, my entire class was in the middle of a frantic art-mad-lib sort of project, appropriately titled “Crazy Eights.” Over the course of this project, we are all to produce eight, 8″ x 8″ illustrations. At the beginning of the assignment, we all pulled slips of paper from two groups: occupation and object. Kindergarten teacher+hat, cowboy+pet, and scientist+transportation are three of my eight matches. Each illustration must be done in a different medium; the point of this project is to expose students to different art-making techniques, so that they may find what is comfortable. With two illustrations due every week, it has been a blur of colored pencils, paint, linoleum, and magazine clippings.

Movie Star Home, colored pencil

Here I learned that drawing architecture is not my forte.


Cowboy Pet, watercolor and ink

I like my watercolor and ink style best. I also had fun with this one, because I made the pet into the cowboy, instead of just showing a typical cowboy’s pet.


Clown Underwear, acrylic paint

Clown Underwear turned out to be one of my best ones. I like the concept; it’s tricky to portray underwear without slipping into dirtier humor. I had a hard time mixing a good, neutral background color. For a while, it was a gross green-brown, but a few layers of white lightened it up nicely.

Artist Bag, collage

I spent an exceptionally long time flipping through magazines, trying to find images of famous art. In the end, I had a marble bust and a hot glue gun that didn’t make it into the bag. I did manage to find a nice variety of art from many different periods in history, though. And a very nice cat.

Scientist Transportation, scratch board

I had planned this walking machine in a side view, but I changed it to front view at the last minute. However, my perspective was not dramatic enough, so it did not turn out as exciting as I wanted it to be. Using scratch board is always interesting, because it is the exact opposite of using an ink pen (you make white marks on a black surface). Plus, of course, once that black is scratched off, there’s no going back.

Politician Shoes, linoleum print

I had a good concept for this one, but the execution was not great. I did not really want to do any political commentary, so I was proud to come up with a neutrally cute play on bunny slippers for a politician (eagle slippers). However, I was in a hurry, and the linoleum I was using was not exactly high quality. These two factors resulted in a pretty disappointing image.


Kindergarten Teacher Hat, 3-D media

I avoided the clay option by sewing a felt hat for my 3-D piece. I used to make a lot of clothes for all the My Little Ponies I played with, so felt was very familiar to me. I kept it interesting by adding the sun and clouds; I had never really embroidered anything until this project. Below are some examples of the pony clothes.


Spaceman Drink, digital

My final piece, made on Adobe Illustrator. I was very short on time, but I decided to learn how to use the gradient mesh tool, just so I could make the shading in the coffee look cool. I also had to quickly learn how to make a scatter brush for the stars. I spent way too long on the Spaceman logo, but I think the end result is a lot of fun!


This project has earned it’s “crazy” title. I don’t think I have ever whipped out so many different images in so many different mediums. It was not only a test of my skill, but a test of my patience and perseverance. Overall, I am happy with my work.

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