My Journey in the Dawg Pound

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If someone asked, “What does Delaney Haas love?,” the Cleveland Browns would be one of the first things mentioned.  I adore the (currently) winless AFC North team that is always full of surprises and chaos. I have been a Browns fan since birth, cheering on the team through thick and thin. But little did I know my outlook on the organization would transform into something much more than love for the team.

My journey with the Cleveland Browns started back in September 2015 when I attended the inaugural Browns Edge Career Development Summit. I was able to network with some of the Browns staff members, which helped me land some incredible game day opportunities that season including being a secret shopper, managing 15 Findlay volunteers and interning on Dawg Pound Drive. I then interned in Berea the following summer as a 2016 Training Camp intern. I interned again on Dawg Pound Drive during the 2016 season as well as managed the Findlay volunteers at the stadium. This season, I work as a vendor on Dawg Pound Drive representing MADD and Bud Light in their quest to diminish driving while intoxicated.

During my time working for the Browns, I have met amazing individuals who are incredibly passionate about working in the sports industry. I’ve witnessed the countless hours, days, and weeks that go into making an event happen. I’ve seen the frustrations and triumphs of working for a team that has seen better days (winning football games). But the greatest part about working for the Browns is seeing all the hard work pay off as thousands of adoring fans smile and yell “Here we go Brownies. Here we go (woof woof)!”

The time I’ve spent with the Browns has truly given me an “edge” in professional growth. Here are just some of the things that the Browns Edge Program through Findlay has provided me:

  • Leadership Opportunities – managing 15+ volunteers on gameday
  • Project Management – being in charge of specific gameday and training camp elements
  • Customer Service – representing a professional sports team to thousands of fans
  • Most Importantly – insight into what it is like to work in the world of professional sports!

My experiences with the Browns made me respect the game, the processes and all the work that goes into making professional sports an amazing experience for millions of fans. It brought me closer to my now-fiancé, Justin, who proposed to me on the field right before kickoff. I made lifelong friends and unforgettable memories. Most importantly, I became a different “fan,” one who loves and appreciates the game, the entertainment and the experience of loving the Cleveland Browns.

The Browns may not win a game this season, but they have won my sports-loving heart. Here we go Brownies. Here we go!

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