Not Fade Away

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Galvanizing intellectual and emotional events have distinguished my graduate school experience thus far. I couldn’t wait to begin the University of Findlay’s Master of Arts in Rhetoric and Writing Program, but a year-and-a-half after I started, I almost dropped out – of everything.

How’s that for an introduction?

Hi! I’m pleased to “meet” you in this digital landscape of hypertextual dreamland. Since I’ll be blogging about my journey through the MARW Program, here are a few more tidbits about me:

I’m a juggler of time, feelings, writing projects, and devil sticks (the kind you saw people tossing around at Grateful Dead shows, three of which I attended way back in the 1990s). I’m also a single, 43-year-old mother with a full-time job as UFs media relations coordinator.

In summer 2015 I started chipping away at my advanced communication degree, one course at a time, and hope to graduate in about a few years. It would not be entirely inaccurate to call me nontraditional.

Have you ever had one of those years during which nothing seems to go right, which you would characterize as your Worst Year Ever? Mine was 2016. I took two semesters off from school when my then-husband divorced me. I also ended up having emergency eyeball surgery too. By a long shot, it was not my finest 8,784 hours (and last year was a leap year).

I picked the grad school ball back up in fall 2016, which turned out to be a very good call, because there’s really nothing like prostitution research (you read that correctly), along with discussions about truth versus fact to take your mind off of mortgage payment concerns and existential angst.

I like to sniff new books. I print out syllabi long before courses begin. I enjoy a good glass of Riesling or a cheap bottle of beer when I plop (we all deserve a good plop from time to time) on my couch after a night class. I’m apt to feel guilty, grumpy and grateful during the course of any given day.

Being an adult (I refuse to use that word as a verb) ain’t been easy lately, but it also hasn’t been boring, thanks to intriguing educational offerings that have opened my eyes much wider than I thought was possible. I do not take such privileges for granted.

This blog will detail some of my more interesting projects, discussions, lessons and observations for and about the MARW program. Like this post, subsequent contributions will be intertwined with my personal life; the two are undeniably, and for better or worse, inseparable.

Two decades prior to becoming a public relations representative, I was a newspaper reporter and opinion columnist. I therefore welcome a variety of feedback, which I appreciate and want. Sock it to me. Let’s get some discourse going here and enrich this digital dynamic.

Thanks in advance for continuing this online version of my journey with me!



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