Passionate Students + Humble Leadership + Above & Beyond Mentality = @TheOiler10

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On August 19, 2016, Professor Scott Grant, Ed.D., gathered 10 students (including myself) together in Old Main, Room 203. Barely any of us knew each other, let alone why we were there. Scott had an idea: to provide experiential learning opportunities to students willing to go above and beyond in furthering their education. From there, The Oiler 10 was created as a student-run marketing agency.

The Oiler 10: August 2016 (First Official Meeting)

In the years since, The Oiler 10 has taken on clients throughout the United States focusing on digital marketing needs such as social media content and in-house photography/videography. Five students (called “agents”) have since graduated or moved on to other ventures, and seven more have joined the group. Clients have launched successful promotions, created new products and seen positive returns on investment because of our work. But what is truly telling of the success of The Oiler 10 is not just our product, but our people.

I have been part of The Oiler 10 since the start. I joined not only because I have a background in marketing and accounting, but I had a desire to learn more and grow. The work we put in mattered, but the relationships made with clients, with Dr. Scott Grant and with fellow agents was what really helped push me to be a better marketer and person. We developed a family-like culture that pushes each member outside their comfort zones. I was able to capitalize on my strengths and learn from/improve on my weaknesses because of the culture created.

Here are a few examples of what I mean:

  • Communication: My love of talking but difficulty articulating what I want to say would often lead to rambling. Fellow agents set an example for me to follow on how to improve on my communication, and have also helped me outside of meetings to be more concise.
  • Collaboration: Until I joined The Oiler 10, almost all the work I completed did not require working with others. The size of projects that we had to do for clients required collaboration among multiple agents. What I enjoyed most about working with others was the unique perspective each person had from prior experiences.
  • Competition: As an extremely competitive person, I found that I was often trying to be the one who said/did the most during my first semester with the group. What I found was that I wasn’t growing much, I was just becoming close-minded. I became selfish in my own successes without paying much attention to others. Over the next year, I learned that true growth does not occur by solely talking or doing, but by listening and learning from others.

    The Oiler 10: August 2017

This semester, my last, has been my favorite with The Oiler 10. I have been able to take the back seat on client work as other agents take on more responsibilities. Furthermore, I have been able to watch agents do amazing things such as start their own business, explore newfound passions and get job offers. There is nothing more rewarding for me in this group than to see the successes of fellow agents both on a professional and personal level.

Each year The Oiler 10 evaluates client and agent needs to determine how the group will evolve in the future. I am excited for the opportunities future Oilers have in finding themselves through this group, and I am incredibly thankful for The Oiler 10 for not just making me a better marketer, but a better person.

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Passionate Students + Humble Leadership + Above & Beyond Mentality = @TheOiler10

On August 19, 2016, Professor Scott Grant, Ed.D., gathered 10 students (including myself) together in Old Main, Room 203. Barely any of us knew...