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Let’s Celebrate More Birthdays

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26th March

More than likely, someone in your life or someone you know has been affected by cancer.

In 2008, when I was just 10 years old, I lost my grandpa to cancer. When he passed away, my grandpa no longer looked like my grandpa. Cancer completely overtook him. This disease didn’t just destroy my grandpa, it destroyed my family too. Losing him at such a young age was hard for all of us. I never really understood what was going on. I realized he was sick, but I never thought that he could be here one day and gone the next. Since he passed away so young, he never got the chance to see any of his grandchildren graduate. He never got the chance to see any of us go off to college and he never got the chance to meet the … Read More »

Almost Like Home for the Holidays

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20th December

A few weeks ago, I was walking on campus with a friend of mine from the pre-vet program, and we were talking about Thanksgiving and Christmas. Suddenly Khalil (my friend) asked me, “Hey! Do you want to come to my home for Thanksgiving break?” His mother had invited me and some other friends to their home once before, so this time I knew I had to go. I went to their place for Thanksgiving in Columbus, and how those five days went is hard to explain in words!

It felt for a moment that I could be at my own home! Khalil’s mom, Aunt Maleha made so many delicious foods for us every day. For every single dish she made a vegetarian version just so that I could eat. On an off note, did I tell you that I’m a vegetarian? … Read More »

No Place Like Home

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14th January

We had a Pringles taste testing game, where we tasted 7 different flavors and guessed what they were. There was Dill Pickle, Mango Salsa, Cinnamon and Sugar, Chili Cheese, Kickin’ Chicken Taco, Buffalo Ranch and Jalapeno. My favorite was the Cinnamon and Sugar.

Nothing’s more difficult for me than trying to find the motivation to dive right back into classes when I come back from break. Winter break was definitely well needed after such a hard, stressful and busy fall semester. I cherished great time with family, friends, working and celebrating the holidays. Winter break has come to an end and it’s time to come back to my Findlay family and the reality of school.

Yum! Breakfast out with my family – A Dutch baby pancake! My Grandpa’s favorite and mine, too.

As upperclassmen syllabus week is now cut down to the first … Read More »

Grief and You

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17th April

Letting go is never easy, no matter how much it may be necessary.  There is no easy way to say goodbye to people and pets who have changed your life.  My family and I recently had to let go of the first family dog.  Hannah was a German-Shepard, Husky mix that could turn a “not-a-dog-person” into “I’m stealing your dog” with just a face lick.  She had the kindest personality with a little bit of sass thrown in for fun.  I was in elementary school when she came into our house as a puppy and the kids poured our time and love into her.  She was there as a rock and example for our other two dogs Maddie and Piper as well as every member of the family.  She had the best welcome home face before rolling over so you … Read More »

Celebrating Fridays

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26th July

Friday should be called Fun Friday!!!! Out of all the days in week, I love Friday for many reasons.  One of the major reasons is I get two days of break and I can catch up on my sleep. Since sleeping is my hobby, I won’t mind if anyone gives me the task of sleeping for 12-15 hours every day…lol.

Aside from catching up on sleep, I always feel that I tend to work with lot of enthusiasm on Friday compared to all other days. Even at work, my supervisor told me once that she finds a drastic difference in my progress Friday as compared to Thursday. She feels that I tend to perform at my best and pay detailed attention to everything I put myself into. As a result, she will assign me new tasks or projects on Friday only.

 After … Read More »

Summer is a vacation?

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4th June

I apologize for my long hiatus in blog entries, every time I sit down to write out a blog I’m either called away to do something else or am simply too tired.  But that is no excuse, and I apologize to my readers.  So let’s rewind and start at the beginning of what so far has been a very exciting summer.

I spent a week in Las Vegas with Drew and his parents (the Monday that Jason was in his accident).  It was absolutely amazing.  Of course, we saw the strip, but we also went to the surrounding mountains.  We explored Red Rock Canyon and the Hover Dam and even went to a winery (yes, in the desert).  And if I have one suggestion to all those who may make the journey to Las Vegas—drive to the mountains, (you … Read More »

The Important Things

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14th May

Many of you have probably already heard about my brother’s motorcycle accident last week.  I am currently sitting in his room in ICU as he takes a nap.  I’ve never heard the word “lucky” so many times in my whole life, which I guess is fitting because he has it tattooed on his arm.  Words cannot describe the feeling inside when I think of where we could have been, and I’m so thankful I can hear him breathing across the room like I did when we were growing up.

This has reminded me, and I think reminded a lot of us, of what is really important in our lives.  I think we forget at times how important and short life is, and how quickly it can be taken away from us.  I began a Facebook page for Jason’s recovery so all … Read More »

My Polka Past

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31st January

You know those songs that can take you to a specific moment in time? There are so many that take me back right to when I first heard them. For me, polkas are a family staple. Weddings, learning to dance in the living room, but polkas on a Saturday morning always hold a special place in my heart.

Dad, Megan, and me dancing at a wedding.

My family was born and raised in Erie, PA- except for me, I was an Ohio baby. My earliest memories are in a car seat going to visit Grandma and Grandpa. One thing that was always there, besides lots and lots of amazing homemade food, was a radio in the corner of the porch playing the morning polkas.

Grandpa, Grandma and Me

My grandma died when I was 10 and hearing … Read More »

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