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My New Job at Marathon Petroleum

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14th May

Today, I started my first internship at Marathon Petroleum Corporation in downtown Findlay, Ohio. To be honest, I was a little nervous. Only because this would be my first white-collar job experience ever. Today was orientation for all new employees and summer co-op/interns. It started with a brief overview presentation of the company as a whole. The speaker talked about company employee expectations as well as certain codes of conduct. We also had to fill out some paper work and tax forms. Then a tour was given so we wouldn’t be completely lost. There is a really nice cafeteria and employee lounge area that I’m sure I will use a lot this summer. After the tour was over, my supervisor came and took me to where I’d be working. I got introduced to many new friendly co-workers and managers and … Read More »

Yet Another Good Service Provided by UF

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25th March

It’s pretty much almost April, which means my junior year is pretty much done. So, over the last week, I’ve been thinking about my plans for summer break. I know that I’ll be living in Findlay for football workouts, and I’m definitely going to take a summer class. The next thing I was thinking about was getting a job or something for some cash. I realize that since my senior year is coming up, it’s super important that I try to find an internship.

Last Friday, I set up a meeting with Phil Gunder, the director of internships and cooperative education. He was very helpful because he walked me through preparing a perfect résumé for employers. I was able to fix my résumé right then and there, which was awesome. He also had businesses that were looking … Read More »

Spring Break Reality

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11th March

I was getting my hair cut over spring break, and the woman cutting my hair asked how long I had left in school. Two semesters, was my reply, if all goes well. Two semesters. It’s weird to think that I really don’t have much time left under the protective wing of being a student. In fact, many times during spring break I ventured out into the real world of my career.

I am working with a client to basically reinvent their online presence, from a logo re-vamp to a website overhaul. I am working closely with them to complete the project. As I went through our first meeting, I pulled from class discussions and questions we students had asked ourselves when working with our own (imaginary) companies and clients.

In addition, I am collaborating on another website project with … Read More »

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