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Mazza Museum – Get the Picture!

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5th April

It’s hard to believe, but not everyone who goes to UF has been to one of my favorite spots on campus: the Mazza Museum. It definitely ranks as a hot spot on the admissions tour. I mean, it is a pretty impressive place for future Oilers to see. But, no matter what your major, current Oilers can find a reason to enjoy our campus gem.

So, in case you don’t know, the Mazza Museum is the world’s first, largest and most diverse collection of art from picture books. When you were a little kid having books read to you by your parents, grandparents or teachers, you may not have realized that the illustrations in the book had to be created by an artist. The Mazza Museum has a collection of over 12,000 original pieces of art from those very books, including Arthur, … Read More »

Learning From the Best – Mazza Weekend Conference

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18th November

Last weekend brought the much-anticipated Mazza Weekend Conference! I had been looking forward to this for months, since I first saw the list of illustrators who were going to be in attendance.

The amazing David Wiesner started off Conference on Friday night. He has won three Caldecott Medals (the highest honor), three Caldecott awards, and all of my admiration. He is a master of surreal, visual and often wordless storytelling. This was apparent when he spoke about the importance of pacing and page-turns. He certainly knows his craft. I can remember his innovative The Three Pigs from my childhood, as well as his other strange and wonderful tales. I even went so far as to buy one of his books to get autographed, which is something I generally refrain from.

In Wiesner’s talk, he described the use of little dashes to indicate an … Read More »

Exploring Artistic Techniques at YAW

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15th August

Mazza Museum’s Young Artist Workshop (YAW) took place the week immediately after Summer Conference. YAW was only held from 9 a.m. to noon instead of all day, as conference was. Consequently, not a moment of those few short hours was wasted. From studying real illustrators to making real art, each day was jam-packed with activity.

Every day of the week (except Monday, registration day) we showcased a different artist and did a project inspired by their technique. Monday’s session involved UF alumna Jenny Hanf, who did a demonstration of her digital art process. She illustrated the book “Mazza from A to Z.”

The rest of the week followed the same daily pattern. First, we would look through one of the artist’s books and share our thoughts on the style and artistic elements. Then, we would do an art project inspired by that technique. On … Read More »

Summer Conference, Part One

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29th July

July 18-22, 2016.

A normal work week for most people, but a wild one for the Mazza Museum. During those five days, the spectacular Summer Conference took place. Five Days. Twelve authors and illustrators. Two free shoulder bags. Innumerable pastries. This adds up to one incredible week (and two blog posts).

Day One:
Chris Barton, Barney Saltzberg, and Rosemary Wells began the

Barney Saltzberg charms the crowd.

week on a good note–in Saltzberg’s case, literally. He incorporated his original songs into his presentation, and the result was as entertaining as it was informative.

Conference-goers were also able to hear about Chris Barton’s process as an author, and the seemingly insignificant circumstances that led to momentous book ideas and life changes. Rosemary Wells gave the audience an inside look at her studio and the way she creates her art.
Autographing ensued, and the first day of … Read More »

Temple Tempest

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18th July

As art rotation in the Mazza Museum wound down, I went home to Hawaii for the second half of June. After my brief but lovely stay there, I flew back to Ohio and immediately jumped into the museum’s next project — building a temple?

The Enchanted Brush Exhibit in the Lea Gallery has a jungle theme this year, and Dan the curator happened to have a large Cambodian/Hindu-inspired temple wall that he thought would fit well with that theme. Our job was to increase the amount of surface area of the temple to fill the wall of the Lea Gallery. I’m no stonemason, but luckily this particular temple wall was made of foam and was less than a foot thick. Does that make me a foam-mason?

The following days were a storm of activity. Turning giant sheets of minty green foam into time-weathered … Read More »

Rotation Elation

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8th July

June was a whirlwind of activity at the museum. Why? Rotation. Almost every single piece of art in the museum had to be switched out for new art in new exhibits; talk about a massive undertaking! I did a lot of taking things down, removing frames, putting art back in its correct location, updating the catalogue, finding new art, framing, and hanging. I spent a lot of time cleaning glass.

The Mazza Museum has over 10,000 works in its collection. Only a select few of these can be displayed at a time. For space efficient storage, each piece of art is matted and kept in a sleeve. 
They are only framed when they are to be hung. While this is clearly the best way to handle such a large volume of work, it means that folks at the museum have to be … Read More »

An Inside Look

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22nd June

I had no idea what I was getting into with this internship. As a children’s book illustration major, all I knew was that I had to intern at the Mazza Museum in order to graduate. I had no objections about this, because the museum is amazing. It is a large collection of original art from picture books. By large, I mean over ten thousand pieces! Only a fraction of that is on display, but it still makes for an impressive and fun viewing experience.

It made the most sense for me to spend my summer in Ohio, doing this internship, so that I wouldn’t be distracted by a full load of classes. As a bonus, I would then be around in July for the Mazza Summer Conference.

Bessie the Lake Erie Monster greets visitors to the Mazza Museum

Things were interesting … Read More »

Mazza Museum at the American Center

26th May


Welcome to the Mazza Museum!                                               The Virginia B. Gardner Fine Arts Pavilion Findlay, Ohio, USA

At the Mazza Museum, Findlay, Ohio, USA, an impressive collection of original art from children’s picture books continues to stimulate the mind, excite the imagination and trigger spontaneous sensory responses to the art.

This complete visual experience is the result of a bold idea proposed by Dr. Jerry Mallett in 1982 to celebrate the arts.  The project was funded in part by Dr. August Mazza and Mrs. Aleda Mazza. Through their vision and generosity, the project was established with four works of art valued at $1,700.00.   In their honor, the project became The Mazza Collection and eventually would become the Mazza Museum. The basement level of a college library was identified as … Read More »

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